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The Santa Clarita Sharks Basketball Team is an extension of the Special Olympics of Southern California. This is a team comprised of children ages 8-14,with 22 members, and 21 of those members autistic athletes. Although parents and coaches are also interviewed in this video, the autistic basketball stars express the benefits of non-mainsteam athletics, including the many social benefits, with one child stating that he most enjoyed “[talking] to people that are just like me, that have the same things”. Best of luck this season!


Featured on CNN, high school senior Jason McElwain, or “J. Mac”, is a diagnosed high-functioning autistic, and was a student assistant for the varsity basketball team at his high school. ┬áIn the final home game of his senior year, he was given the chance to suit up and play in the game and scored a school-record 6 three-pointers in the last 4 minutes of the game. His story garnered much subsequent media attention and popularity in his senior year, as well as a brief, but none-the-less present, nationwide focus on the the overlap of autism and athletics.