Featured on ESPN, 20 year-old ┬áprofessional surfer Clay Marzo is a two-time amateur champion (2004, 2005). At age 8, when Marzo received his first surf board, his parents began to notice he had trouble making eye contact, difficulty expressing himself, and repetitive behavior. After ten years of frustrating misdiagnoses of ADHD and OCD, the doctors’ visits decreased while his time on the water and surfing skill skyrocketed. After his amateur championships, his notoriety increased, however he preferred his time riding the waves versus attracting sponsors, which involved the exhausting task of trying to understand social cues. In 2007, with the support of his parents and his sponsor, Quicksilver, Marzo was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome.The diagnosis has allowed Clay to act like Clay, without the backlash of being perceived as ‘rude’ while at competitions. Clay Marzo’s surfing skills aren’t thought to be in spite of his Asperger’s, but because of it. His Asperger’s helps him to hyperfocus on the very technical aspects of surfing, making him an unbelievable athlete in the world of surfing.